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ID-I Augmented Reality (AR) and Augemented Intelligence platform

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Introducing ID-i® - Augmented Reality Platform


Augmented Reality | RFID | Internet of Things (IoT)

Utilizing complementary technologies such as augmented reality (AR) software, radio frequency identification (RFID), the Internet of Things (IOT) becomes just that - the Internet of Things! 

Research Laboratories ID-I® Platform

The Research Laboratories ID-I® platform provides valuable visual business intelligence and insight into items, devices, and products that are invisible to the naked eye. By providing augmented reality viewing and augmented intelligence - not necessarily "AI", which refers to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Limitless Use Cases

Think inventory (retail/automotive/restaurant), checkout (grocery/library), and even consumer applications (find lost items (phones/keys/etc) or having your refrigerator/freezer tell you what is sitting inside and how long it has been there, expiration date, and more.

The Real Magic of ID-I®

The long-standing promise of RFID has yet to manifest in the way that has been promised in the past, however, we are on the cusp of a new dawn with these technologies now ready to perform in concert with each other. When they are tightly integrated and working seamlessly together, the result is nothing short of magic. 


  • AI - Artificial Intelligence: this refers to a machines a ability to learn as it operates, Tesla's autopilot feature has some AI built into it wherein can actually figure out better routes and avoid newly placed obstacles, then remember them the next time the vehicle is in that location.
  • AR - Augmented Reality: Pokémon GO introduced the world to AR; the Yelp Monocle is another  great example of AR in action.
  • ID-I® - This is our proprietary AR platform with will challenge accepted industry standards, and accelerate adoption of this futuristic technology field. 
  • IoT - Internet of Things: this describes the ability of nearly any electronic device or a thing with and RFID tag attached to it to be tracked, traced, and even provide a chain of custody.
  • RFID - Radio frequency identification: Apple Pay is a good example of how RFID works.

About RLI

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Our Experience

Explore why now is the time to develop and implement an augmented reality (AR) solution for your business. 

Augmented reality represents a new way of looking at and looking into the real world. Do not confuse augmented reality with virtual reality (VR). VR is a fictitious representation of a (simulated) world like a video game, whereas AR is the real world with data, insight, and facts about the real world overlaid onto it. Similar to having a hologram of something real that may or may not be directly in your line-of-sight. 

By augmenting the world around us, there are more applications than can possibly be imagined and these possibilities are seemingly endless in scope, nature, and execution. From a business perspective, AR will enhance human abilities and provide insight into machinery, products, and even human beings.

This will not make owner’s manuals or physicians obsolete, but the true promise of AR extends literally everything, to everywhere, all the time. AR technology will prove that the time and cost savings involved in this technological leap forward (Germany already refers to AR as Tech 4.0) will make it almost as ubiquitous as any other app on your smartphone.

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Our Approach

Find out how we can help you get started either in-house, or we can assemble a project management team for larger more ambitious projects, or meet with our team to see how we may assist you in the creation of your AR business strategy. We can advise you all along the way or develop an in-house solution; your office or ours. The typical process workflow is similar to any other business initiative:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Prototyping
  • Investing
  • Execution
  • Delivery

The only thing missing is your business justification, and that should not be difficult for your company to arrive at - the only limit? There are no limits. Exceed business justifications and perceived needs, and implement them as real-world business strategies. 

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Augmented Reality Use Cases

  • Automobile keys
  • Automobiles
  • Cellular phones
  • Computers
  • Consumer goods
  • Credit cards (w/o identifying financial information) 
  • Hotel keys
  • ID Badges
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobile devices
  • Remote repairs
  • Shipping containers
  • Training
  • Transportation (intermodal)
  • (and many, many more . . .)

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